2017 Colour of the Year

TORONTO, ON (November 14, 2016) – PARA Paints has been an integral part of the Canadian decorating landscape for over a century. This nationally recognized brand has become a trusted resource for home owners as well as the professional design and contractor markets. PARA is known for delivering leading trend colours for Canadian homes and the 2017 colour of the year is a perfect example. By providing two colour trend options – Twinkle in Her Eyes (P5163-34D) and Enigmatic Triton (P5105-75) – PARA aims to reach two dramatically unique audiences. For the first time, PARA presents two leading colours, which deliver both tranquil and dramatic colour options, yet are inspired by colours found in nature. These deep teal hues draw on a water world; they are nostalgic of mid-century modern style, while calling on today’s refined artisan movement that touts sophisticated techniques and a passion for nature.

Twinkle in Her Eyes (P5163-34D)
This tranquil soft green-blue tone invites harmony and relaxation and creates a watery calm feeling in the home. When combined with whites and soft greys, it creates an illuminated and lighthearted atmosphere. This tranquil tone is soothing and spa-like, while acting like a chameleon, blending in and changing with the day’s light. No matter what your flooring colour, achieve a lighthearted comfortable space by coupling PARA’s Twinkle in Her Eyes with white trim, millwork and ceilings.

Enigmatic Triton (P5105-75)

This colour speaks to the creative soul, it is a mysterious green-teal tone, perfect for creating a sophisticated space. The enriching colour flawlessly sets the stage for elegance – ideal for a formal dining or living room or an accent wall. This deeply tinted ‘fashion’ teal is geared directly towards the designer or professional decorator. PARA’s Enigmatic Triton is boldly alluring and refines a space wherever used in a design. Capturing the essence of living with nature and the knowledge to design spaces with soul, this colour forms a deep-rooted connection between artisans and the new luxury of conscious consuming.

Using these colours at home
Over the past few years, these colours have evolved through fashion and décor textiles. Twinkle in Her Eyes can be thought of as a quality silk, which shifts and changes colour in the light and is perfect for many home design projects. On the other hand, Enigmatic Triton can be equated with velvet that portrays grandeur and opulence. When pairing accents for these colours look for oiled, natural, organic wood or rustic painted accents similar to PARA’s Rustic Touch (P5182-62). When picking corresponding paint colours look for greys and whites such as The Silhouette (P5250-24) and Sophistication (P5220-14D) by PARA Paints. Finally, lighting influences these pairings as they are optimized to create atmospheric effects and affect moods. These colours will both visually move and shift tones, constantly revealing new looks.

For 2017, colour tends are not just about the colours themselves, but how they are derived from nature. These whimsical yet natural colours will continue to inspire new looks for the home as they are easily paired with many different design styles.

About PARA Paints:
As producers of premium architectural paints, stains, varnishes and specialty products, PARA Paints has been an industry leader with a steadfast commitment to providing quality products. In addition to issuing leading edge colour décor trend advice to the Canadian designer, contractor, and consumer since 1915, PARA Paints is a proud supporter of the interior design blogger community. PARA Paints is available at leading paint and decorating retailers across Canada. For more information available at PARA.com, or visit @PARApaints on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.