Reds are a go for design in 2016

(NC) We’ve all done it. Gone down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and countless other sites, spending hours looking at beautiful homes and yearning over them all. The aftermath is that you’re now inspired to redesign your own space, but don’t quite know where to begin. What will the design be? What style do I choose? A good place to start is with colour. Colour is emotional and has the ability to awaken the senses. And no colour radiates passion and vitality more than red, so why not start there?

Bold red has long been making a statement in the world of fashion and beauty, but over the past few years, its various shades and tones have become very popular in the world of interior design. This is why we see more and more rich reds, often considered traditional, incorporated into contemporary designs. Tied to everything from food to fashion to history and politics, red hues are a symbol of power, passion, energy and life. But when it comes to using them in your home, the key is to know where and how to make them work.

Red is the perfect choice for many a space, accent wall or dare we say ceiling. Try it in a dining room or bedroom for a luxurious look or even on a front door – because nothing says welcome more than a bright red entrance. Another subtle way to incorporate red is to use it in a room with wood furniture or richly-saturated mahogany floors. It also accentuates a room with clean, modern pieces. When it comes to choosing a complementing colour, it pairs well with soft blush tones like Para Paints’ Orb Sparkle (PF 33) or soft greys such as Princess Cut (PF 57).

Red is a classic, so embrace this colour trend and try it out in your own home with Para’s 2016 colour of the year Cherries Jubilee (P5079-85). Keep an eye out for more colour trends coming this fall.