Colour, your best tool to organize and declutter

(NC) In the world of décor there is an emerging trend towards using bold colours against a white or soft grey backdrop. From your closet, to the home office and the kid’s room, colour can go a long way to visually sort and organize a space. Colour creates a universal language allowing you to communicate without saying a word. Try out a few of these colour-blocking tricks:

• Paint antique or thrift store chairs in different hues so that everyone has a unique seat at the dinner table.
• Create an ombre effect on a dresser or the back panel of a white book shelf by selecting gradient shades and painting light to dark to help sort out which areas hold craft supplies, household tools or pantry essentials.
• Organize books on a shelf by colour for a clean and streamlined look.
• Colour code baskets by painting them to fit inside kid’s cubbies to ensure they get the right mittens get in the right basket.
Next you will need to pick a palette. Small space dwellers living in a city centre are exposed to an excess of grey, blue and white so why not mix in a few warm tones such as the ones found in Para Paint’s 2016 Urban Jungle palette. It was curated with an eco-design sensibility and will evolve with your lifestyle, transforming your space into an island of its own.

Achieve this look with a white or soft grey such as JoJo Whitewash (PF17). Then add in a gorgeous garden shade of Greek Oregano (PF58) and for bolder island accents consider Great Expectations (P5022-41). Coordinate your eco inspired style with natural and light weathered woods, refreshing painted accents, and mixed metal finishes with a brushed or matte touch to keep things extra earthy.

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